All your NeatSweets questions answered


What are your customer shipping options?

We distribute all our products through amazon.co.uk. Please refer to specific options on the amazon.co.uk page.

What is your return policy?

NeatSweets return policy is inline with Amazon’s return policy as we distribute all products via Amazon.

Will you let me know when you sent my order?

Yes, you will get order details from Amazon.

Where is my order?

Please log into the Amazon platform to track your order details.

Do you ship overseas?

All of our products are sold through amazon.co.uk, so we ship wherever they ship!

I am a wholesaler, distributor or store owner and am interested in stocking NeatSweets.

Amazing! Please drop us a line here and we’ll be in touch.


Are NeatSweets Halal?

We are not Halal certified, but our products are all vegan and contain no animal products.

Are NeatSweets Kosher?

All of our products are plant-based, but not Kosher certified.

Are NeatSweets nut-free?

NeatSweets do not contain nuts, but please note that our sweets are packed in a factory that handles peanuts, nuts, sesame and milk.

Is your recipe gluten-free?

NeatSweets’ products are gluten-free, making them celiac friendly. The soluble fiber listed in our ingredients can come from wheat but the processing of that ingredient results in it being gluten-free.

Are NeatSweets vegan friendly?

Yes, we are entirely plant powered!

Are NeatSweets keto friendly?

We haven’t specifically developed NeatSweets to be Keto friendly. However, our high fiber, low sugar formula has resulted in a product that contains only 12g of net carbs per 50g bag. Half a bag per day would provide a sweet treat and only 6g of net carbs for someone following a keto diet.

What is soluble fiber from corn or wheat?

We use soluble corn (or wheat) fiber as our main sugar replacement. Traditional candy has sugar as the main ingredient – we replace that with soluble fiber, made from either corn or wheat. It provides that gummy texture that we all love but without all that nasty sugar and with a lot less calories. Our soluble fiber has prebiotic qualities that may support a healthy gut by stimulating the growth or activity of specific bacteria in the digestive tract. Soluble fiber made from wheat is gluten-free, as the gluten is removed during the processing of the fiber.

Wow 26g of fiber, that’s a lot! How will my tummy deal with it?

Yes it is, and we are proud of our candy being rich in prebiotic fiber, which provides significant digestive health benefits. However, adjusting to a higher fiber diet can, for some individuals, result in temporary upset tummies. This will quickly pass (no pun intended) as your digestive system becomes used to more fiber. If this is a concern for you, take it slow at the start!


Where are NeatSweets manufactured?

We proudly manufacture our products in the UK.

Where are NeatSweets packed?

We proudly pack our products in the UK.

What should I do if I have an issue with my NeatSweets?

Please contact hello@neatsweets.com and let us know where you got your sweets from, and the lot code on the back.

I’m an influencer and would love to work with NeatSweets

We love hearing from NeatSweets lovers, and from people who are passionate about spreading the low sugar candy revolution in their community! Feel free to start sharing with #SweetEnough and tagging @NeatSweetsUK on your posts. Please get in touch with us here and we will be in touch if there are any collaboration opportunities.